Is The Eastenders Disaster Revealed In This Sneaky Picture From The Set?

Eastenders disaster set plot revealed

A mysterious Twitter account has shared a photo from the set of Albert Square. Could this be the clue we've all been waiting for?

Producers of Eastenders might be remaining tight-lipped over what they have in store for the big disaster set to hit Albert Square next week, but a new aerial snap of the set has given us some telling clues.

A mysterious Twitter account has shared a photo from the set of Albert Square, in a snap that appears to be have been shot from a helicopter.  

The snap below has gone viral on Twitter and appears to show a bus crashed into Walford market. Also visible in the pic are ambulance crews and a fire engine.

It comes after a lengthy list of names were revealed, and it's thought these are the characters who will be involved in the explosive plot which could see some people lose their lives.

The FULL cast list of the Walford locals that will be involved in the scenes due to air on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th January, has been revealed by the BBC for the first time.

While the BBC remain tight-lipped on the nature of the catastrophic storyline, with the enormous list showing just the scale of the event and just how many cast members will affected.

So what could it be? and who will make it through?

Which characters are involved in the Eastender's disaster? 

  • Babe Smith

  • Tina Carter

  • Mick Carter

  • Lee Carter

  • Whitney Carter

  • Shirley Carter

  • Sylvie Carter

  • Johnny Carter

  • Bex Fowler

  • Kush Kazemi

  • Donna Yates

  • Vincent Hubbard

  • Kim Fox-Hubbard

  • Patrick Trueman

  • Denise Fox

  • Libby Fox

  • Lauren Branning

  • Louise Mitchell

  • Shakil Kazemi

  • Carmel Kazemi

  • Ben Mitchell

  • Jay Brown

  • Billy Mitchell

  • Honey Mitchell

  • Jack Branning

  • Max Branning

  • Michelle Fowler

  • Steven Beale

  • Kathy Beale

  • Ian Beale

  • Martin Fowler

  • Stacey Fowler

  • Amy Mitchell

  • Ricky Mitchell

Looking at the list there are some telling clues as to who might be affected come Monday. 

Aunt Babe sits at the top of the lengthy list, which usually indicates who will get the last scene of an episode. Does this mean bad things are coming her way? After all she has been speculated to leave the show sometime in the near future. 

Of course there were some big characters who were notably missing from the list too.

Phil and Sharon Mitchell are absent, in addition to Dot Cotton, Abi Branning and Jane Beale. Are they present at the time of the disaster? Does this mean they are safe? Who knows?!

There is a chance the the entire list could be fake in a cruel attempt by Eastenders producers to throw us off the scent of what's really happening. After all, they are a crafty bunch who have been known to throw curveballs and change the script at the last minute to avoid leaks. 

We're in suspense!