Fans Praise Eastenders For This Speedy Response To Harry's Engagement

29 November 2017, 13:20

Eastenders Prince Harry Engagement

Viewers were shocked that the news of Prince Harry's engagement had spread to Albert Square so quickly.

The residents of Albert Square were finally greeted with some good news on Tuesday night's episode of Eastenders after news of Prince Harry's engagement broke.

Harry announced he will be marrying American actress Meghan Markle on Monday and it wasn't long before the news reached Walford.

Viewers were left amused after Carmel Kazemi broke the news to Kathy Beale in a very realistic scene after producers sneakily edited the new scene into the episode.

Distracted by the news as he was reading on his phone, Shakil ignored Kathy Beale who was waiting to take his order.

Kathy asked: “What’s so interesting?” as Shakil replied: “Oh, nothing much. Just some Prince bloke marrying some actress.”

Katy squeals with delight and says: “What? Harry and Meghan? Nothing much? You kids! Aww.”

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Viewers instantly took to Twitter to praise producers for their speedy response, 

While others were left baffled as just to how the producers managed to pull it all off!