Eastenders Fans In Hysterics After Stacey And Sonia Hurl Hilarious Insults

Sonia Fowler

By Alice Westoby

It was a classic Soapland fight of epic proportions...

Eastenders has been pretty bleak lately with the death of Abi Branning consuming Albert Square.

So it was good to see that fans were in a more light hearted mood after last night's episode thanks to an epic war of words between Sonia Fowler and Stacey Fowler.

The pair got into a classic Soapland slanging match in the market with the pair delivering some hilarious one liner insults that have left fans labelling it the moment of the year.

Stacey slammed Sonia with tongue in cheek one liners such as "I heard your mum had more men than the Grand Old Duke of York" and Sonia retaliated to her accusations that men were scared of her by claiming to everyone around that Stacey is "more unstable than a three legged chair".

These unique insults went down well with viewers watching at home who took to Twitter to share their thoughts...

It also left viewers divided between the two characters with some believing Sonia's jibes were too far while others were too busy laughing to care. 

It's nice to see that Walford isn't all doom and gloom!

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