This Eastenders Extra Set Fans Hearts A Flutter! But We've Seen Him Elsewhere...

Eastenders Photocopier Guy

This Eastenders actor had fans swooning during his short appearance, but we think we've seen him before!

We're used to seeing the same old faces around Albert Square, so when a handsome newcomer strolls into Walford, understandably it's BIG news for Eastenders fans.

And 'Photocopier Guy', played by actor Eddie Eyre,  stole the hearts of some fans during his short flirtatious appearance with Lauren Branning.

The nameless character was seen flirting with Lauren at her dad's workplace and made quite the impression with many comparing him to Superman heart-throb, Clark Kent.

But does Photocopier Guy look familiar to you? If he does it's probably because you're a Game Of Thrones fan and remember Eddie from a flashback during season six of the show. 

He played Ser Gerald Hightower, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard during King Aerys Targaryen's reign. 

But for now, we're hoping he returns as a regular on Albert Square! We could do with some new eye candy!