Eastenders Fans Do NOT Agree With Max Branning's 'Weird Crush' Label!

Max Branning fans angry

The Albert Square 'hunk' has been named Heat Magazine's Weirdest Crush 2017.

Ever year, Heat Magazine does it's round up for the top weird celebrity crushes!

This year, the list was topped AGAIN by Eastender's Max Branning played by Jake Wood, and he had to ward off some fierce competition. 

Other front runners that made the top five weird crush list include Phillip Schofield, Rylan Clark-Neal, Ed Sheeran and another Walford face...Shrimpy!

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But Eastenders fans aren't happy that Jake Wood has been given the title again with many exclaiming that he's not weird but just plain hot!

Max Branning/ Jake Wood awarded Heats weirdest cel

An Eastenders Facebook fan account uploaded this steamy shot of the actor today to celebrate his new accolade and the compliments came gushing in from his admirers...

Jake Wood comments

What do you think of Heat's weird crush list? Let us know if you agree!

But one thing's for sure, do NOT upset Eastender's fans - they are a formidable bunch!