Linda Carter Makes A Shock Return In Emotional Eastenders Scene

Mick Carter and Linda Carter Eastenders

Mick Carter's wife returns to Albert Square only to find her household in chaos.

Eastenders viewers saw a much-welcomed return to Albert Square last night as Linda Carter made a shock return.

The emotional scenes saw the matriarch return much earlier than expected, as actress Kellie Bright is still on maternity leave, but her appearance in the soap was a real treat for fans at home.

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Of course, drama kicked off from the get go as Linda slowly started to realise the torment Mick has been going through in her absence. 

A leaky roof was a sign that Mick wasn't taking care of the household, and after a few stern words, Whitney decided to hit Linda with some serious home truths that her son Lee Carter had been behind the robbery.

What's more, Mick then confided in Linda that Lee had also lied about his job and had lashed out and hit Whitney. 

We were left reaching for the tissues when Mick, played by Danny Dyer, opened up about how they were broke and he was struggling without her and Shirley, Linda made the decision to come home and seek care for Elaine.

After much contemplation over whether Linda should leave her mother and come home, Whitney talked her out of staying suggesting that Mick would feel worse if she abandoned her ill mum for him. 

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Whitney's actions left viewers wondering how sincere she actually is, and whether Elaine's absence is just paving the way for an affair between Whitney and Mick.

Meanwhile, there is a lot more stress for other members of the family, as Shirley faces new nightmares in prison and Tina reaches the tough decision to seek professional care for Sylvie.

As we know, Danny Dyer will soon leave our screens for his widely reported break – so what will cause Mick to leave and will he lose the Vic?

We just can't get enough!