Where is Lucy Beale actress Hetti Bywater now? EastEnders star's career revealed after character was killed off

31 March 2020, 19:21 | Updated: 31 March 2020, 19:26

What is Lucy Beale actress Hetti Bywater doing now?
What is Lucy Beale actress Hetti Bywater doing now? Picture: BBC/Instagram

What has actress Hetti Bywater been doing since she left EastEnders as Lucy Beale? Find out everything...

We can hardly believe it’s been six years since Lucy Beale was killed in EastEnders.

The storyline sparked one of the longest running whodunits in soap history that eventually revealed Bobby Beale as her killer.

While Ian Beale’s daughter Lucy has been played by several different actors, Hetti Bywater was the last person to play her in the run-up to the character’s death.

Hetti was last seen as Lucy Beale in EastEnders in 2015 in the live episode which flashed back to the events of the night she was murdered by her brother Bobby. But where is she now and what has she been doing since leaving EastEnders?

Hetti Bywater played Lucy Beale on EastEnders
Hetti Bywater played Lucy Beale on EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Where is EastEnders Lucy Beale actress Hetti Bywater now?

Hetti’s full name is Harriet, and she is 25-year-old born in East Sussex.

She began acting in 2011 and appeared in BBC dramas Doctors and Casualty before joining EastEnders as Lucy Beale in 2012.

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She took over from actress Melissa Suffield, who previously played the role from 2004-2010.

After leaving EastEnders Hetti appeared as a character called Jess Chambers in Death In Paradise in 2015.

The actress also starred in two episodes of the Sky One drama series Delicious in 2016, which also starred Dawn French, Emilia Fox and Iain Glen and ran.

In 2017, it was reported that Hetti was working behind the bar at a pub in Islington in between acting jobs.

Hetti recently opened up about suffering from anxiety with a lengthy post on Instagram.

Alongside a photo of herself, she told her followers: “Just like most people, I suffer with anxiety.

“Mainly social, and I always need to catch my breath when I’m in London. It occasionally gets a bit much. Especially with all the people. So I take myself back home and spend time outside and listen to what my body and mind need.

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“I get stuck in my own thoughts and feel overwhelmed, needing to re-assess where I am at. Nature and being still helps me do that and become more mindful. It’s my escapism. I feel much calmer and far more in touch with my emotions. I have definitely needed this recently.”

What is Hetti Bywater’s Instagram?

You can find Hetti on Instagram at @bywaterhetti where she has more than 100k followers.

The actress often shares photos with her boyfriend Sebastian Foux who founded a music management company.

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