Meet The New Couple Set Make A Fresh Start On EastEnders

26 May 2017, 16:15 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11

EastEnders: Spring Trailer - BBC One


They're played by two familiar faces...

Albert Square should probably have a sign at the entrance saying Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here. But that wouldn’t deter the optimistic couple who arrive on EastEnders tonight to make a new start.

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Married couple, Joyce and Ted Murray, who've been together for nearly 60 years, have been rehoused to Albert Square from a nearby tower block estate. Luckily, they already know Dot Branning (June Brown) – although we’re not sure why she’s never mentioned them over the past three decades.

Joyce and Ted are played by experienced actors Christopher Timothy, 76, and Maggie Steed, 70.

'Enders couple

They won't be smiling for long, no doubt.    Picture: BBC

Christopher starred with Lynda Bellingham as rural Yorkshire vet James Herriot in All Creatures Great and Small, which ran from 1978 to 1990 and attracted 18 million BBC viewers. He also played Brendan ‘Mac’ McGuire in Doctors and appeared in The Bill, Holby City and Z Cars.

Maggie's CV includes Pie In The Sky, Shine on Harvey Moon and The Painted Veil. More recently she’s played feisty gran Esther in Michaela Coel’s E4 comedy Chewing Gum.

Christopher Timothy said in The Mirror: "It feels like a family, but that's the integral thing about EastEnders. Maggie is one of my favourite actresses.” Maggie Steed said: "It's always strange walking into a set that you recognise so much, but you very soon get used to it is all I can say, and then you just carry on."

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The couple have already been glimpsed in the show’s cheery new trailer, where Ted is seen brandishing a small black wooden box. Joyce’s ominous response - “I thought I told you to get rid of that? Put the past in the past, we said,” is a clue that the pair have the obligatory Dark Secret From The Past that all new Albert Square residents must have.

They also seem to have a connection to the new unruly brood the Taylors, with an unhappy Joyce spotting Karen and her four kids and saying to her husband” “It’s them.”

Duff duff duff duff duff duff duff duff…

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