What is wrong with Nancy Carter in EastEnders?

28 April 2021, 08:10

Nancy Carter is played by Maddy Hill
Nancy Carter is played by Maddy Hill. Picture: BBC

What happened to Nancy in EastEnders? Is she pregnant? And why is she using CBD oil?

EastEnders’ Nancy Carter has sparked concern after her mum Linda caught her using CBD oil. 

The character, played by Maddy Hill, has been hiding something from her family and was spotted going to the hospital this week. 

This has led BBC viewers to speculate what could be wrong with Nancy, with many guessing she might even be pregnant. 

What is wrong with Nancy in EastEnders? 

It is unclear what has happened to Nancy in EastEnders. 

Nancy Carter is hiding a big secret in EastEnders
Nancy Carter is hiding a big secret in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

After the recent bombshell that she’s divorcing Tamwar Masood (Himesh Patel), Nancy was secretive about a package she received.

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When this later turned out to contain CBD oil, viewers flocked to Twitter to guess what could be going on.

Some guessed the CBD oil could be for her epilepsy, as some research has shown it can reduce seizures.

One fan tweeted: "#Eastenders. Nancy seemed very cagy over receiving a package and all it was was a box of CPD oil which apparently is used for Epilepsy so I'm told. So I wander has her epilepsy got worse? How does Tamwar fall into any of this as well?"

Another replied: "Usually CBD oil is common for epilepsy it’s also a pain relief for cancer. But I think she’s got some kind of addiction. #Eastenders."

Meanwhile, after it was revealed Nancy had an appointment at the hospital, many people guessed she could be pregnant.

"Nancy’s pregnant. calling it now,” one viewer wrote, with a second agreeing: "I wonder if Nancy's pregnant hmm."

Another tweeted: "So this mystery with Nancy it’s probably to do with her epilepsy related and she’s pregnant."

This comes after actress Maddy Hill returned to Walford earlier this month, reprising her role as Nancy after five years away from the soap. 

On Nancy's comeback, the soap's Executive Producer Jon Sen said: “We’re delighted to have Maddy back and I can’t wait for audiences to see what’s in store for Nancy."

He added: "There’s a lot of mystery surrounding her return and she’s coming back to a family that have been through a very difficult year – things are definitely not as Nancy left them.”

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