Is Charity Dingle actress Emma Atkins leaving soap? ITV star's life revealed from son to husband

31 August 2018, 17:01 | Updated: 31 August 2018, 17:05

Emma Atkins from Emmerdale on the red carpet

Charity Dingle fans are hooked on the latest soap storyline and the spoilers but are we about to see Emma Atkins leave the Dales?

Charity Dingle actress Emma Atkins is the talking point of Emmerdale with her rape storyline involving DI Bails played by actor Rocky Marshall.

With the officer intent on ruining Charity by manipulating her son Ryan Stocks to get her to drop her rape case against him, it seems things are getting very complicated for the long-running soap star.

And with that in mind, Emmerdale fans are wondering if Charity Dingle and Emma Atkins are leaving the soap any time soon. The 43 year old last left the Dales on a soap cliffhanger when she was secretly pregnant with her first son.

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Emmerdale Emma Atkins

Emmedale fans are worried Emma Atkins is about to leave the soap following dramatic storyline [Getty]

With Emma fully under the spot light, we take a look into who the star really is from her husband to her son and her career:

Who is Emma Atkins’ husband?

The famous Dingle is not married but is in a serious relationship with boyfriend Tom who she shares her three year old son with.

Emma’s pregnancy and son

Charity Dingle left Emmerdale for two years in a storyline which saw her character jailed for two years.

Allowing for her to go on maternity leave, Emma gave birth to son Albert on her birthday in 2015 which she described as the “best present”.

Emmerdale Dingle family

Emma Atkins joined Emmerdale as part of the Dingle family in 2000 [Getty]

Emma Atkins acting career

Most TV lovers will know Emma in her role as Charity which she has played for 18 years.

Before this, she also had roles in Heartbeat, Doctors and Casualty.