Emmerdale shares emotional goodbye message from Isobel Steele after shock Liv death

20 October 2022, 09:11 | Updated: 20 October 2022, 09:56

Isobel Steele shares goodbye video as Liv Dingle is killed off on Emmerdale

Why did Liv Flaherty leave Emmerdale and how did she die? Here's what we know about the heartbreaking death...

Emmerdale fans were left sobbing on Wednesday night as Liv Flaherty died after being crushed by a caravan.

As part of the soap’s 50th anniversary, Liv became the latest victim of the storm following Harriet Finch’s (Katherine Dow Blyton) devastating death.

Following Liv’s heartbreaking final scenes, Emmerdale shared a video of actress Isobel Steele where she said it’s been the ‘best seven years of her life’.

In the clip, Isobel says: "Hey everyone, I assume you've now watched the episode where Liv's died. I hope it made you cry. I definitely cried when I read it and it's been a pleasure.

Liv and Vinny were stuck in the storm on Emmerdale
Liv and Vinny were stuck in the storm on Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

"It's been the best seven years of my life and yeah, it's been all worth it because of you. So thank you so much!"

Emmerdale captioned the post: "Don't mind us, we're just crying a million tears Goodbye Liv, we're going to miss you so much #Emmerdale50.”

Why did Liv actress Isobel leave Emmerdale?

Liv’s death came after she was crushed by a caravan as she pushed husband Vinny Dingle to safety.

As paramedics arrived, Liv’s family waited for news on her condition but unfortunately there was nothing the medical team could do.

Liv tragically died on Emmerdale last night
Liv tragically died on Emmerdale last night. Picture: ITV

In an emotional final scene, Liv was surrounded by family members Aaron Dingle, played by Danny Miller, and Vinny Dingle, played by Bradley Johnson.

Viewers at home were quick to comment, admitting they were ‘in tears’ following the episode.

One person said: "Omg I can’t cope, I haven’t cried that much ever in a soap before I’m literally sobbing my eyes out . How good was @Isobel_steele and @Brad_J_J ? I genuinely think I cried a river . That was so heartbreaking."

Someone else said: "My eyes are painful with tears, fantastic acting from Isobel and Bradley also included is @DannyBMiller the way he acted with Isobel aka Liv was too sad that’s when I started to weep like a baby !!"

Liv was trapped under a caravan on Emmerdale
Liv was trapped under a caravan on Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

While a third person added: "We did cry, you have been a fabulous character. The end scenes were truly heartbreaking. Hope to see you in your next role, best of luck to you."

This comes after a source previously confirmed Isobel was keen to try new things after seven years on the soap.

They said: "It’s been a big decision for Isobel but she’s ready to try new things.

“She feels like she’s done all she can at Emmerdale and wants to focus on her music career and make a real go of it. Bosses have pulled out all the stops for the 50th anniversary month and Isobel’s exit will be no different."