Emmerdale spoilers: Horrified viewers predict Mandy Dingle and fake ‘son’ Vinny are lovers in shock twist

8 November 2019, 10:19 | Updated: 8 November 2019, 10:21

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Emmerdale fans have been left horrified after predicting a secret relationship between Mandy Dingle and her ‘son’ Vinny.

Mandy Dingle has only been back on Emmerdale for a few weeks and she’s already at the centre of some major drama. 

Last week it was revealed that Vinny is not actually her real son, leaving everyone guessing his true identity. 

And during Wednesday’s installment, the fraudulent pair were seen cosying up to each other on a bench while holding hands.

When Mandy (Lisa Riley) asked if Vinny (Bradley Johnson) thought about his biological family, he replied: "Now and again, but I'm glad they're not in my life anymore.

"I found a new, improved family and I couldn't be happier."

Mandy and Vinny had a moment this week
Mandy and Vinny had a moment this week. Picture: ITV

Confused viewers then took to Twitter to question what was really going on between the pair, with one writing: “Are Vinny and Mandy a couple?"

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Another added vomiting emojis and shared: "Are Vinny and Mandy lovers?"

While a third wrote: “When are we gonna find out if they're bf gf or not lol,” and a fourth added: “Is it just me who’s finding this a bit creepy?”

Meanwhile, some other fans had a different prediction for the storyline, saying the interaction could mean that Vinny is Lydia Hart’s son who she thought was dead. 

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One fan tweeted: "I have a feeling Vinny is Lydia long lost son who she thinks is dead!!"

"I know it’s not even possible but imagine if Vinny turned out to be Lydia’s son... the one she thought had died!", pondered another. 

This comes after Mandy and Vinny were found out by the Dingles after they pretended to be Lydia (Karen Blick) to get the £10,000 she’d inherited.

But in a desperate attempt to redeem herself, Mandy and Vinny headed to the solicitor's office to find out who the money came from.

Lydia and Sam reluctantly headed along for the trip too where they all posed as health and safety officers and managed to get into the building.

Once inside, they snooped through paperwork and finally came across the information they're looking for.

Lisa Riley, who plays Mandy, recently told Digital Spy: "Mandy becomes like Miss Marple! She will not stop as she tries to figure out where this money has come from. The light-bulb goes off for Mandy and she realises that this is her way of saying sorry.

"Mandy, Vinny, Lydia and Sam visit the solicitor's office and pose as health and safety officers. Mandy has a clipboard, they're wearing high-vis jackets and the poor guy literally buckles. I had this two-page scene of me wearing him down!"