There's Good News For Fans Of Emmerdale's Adam Thomas

9 October 2017, 14:42 | Updated: 9 October 2017, 16:39

Adam Thomas, Emmerdale

His story isn't over yet...


Emmerdale viewers have only just managed to catch their breath after the ITV soap’s craziest week ever. Over the course of six episodes, the Yorkshire village experienced a barn fire, an unexpected birth, a shooting, a wrongful arrest, and two deaths under suspicious circumstances.

Thankfully, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel if all that nonstop drama has left you feeling fragile. Actor Adam Thomas, who plays hot headed Adam Barton on the show, may be leaving – but his popular character won’t be killed off. Phew!

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This will come as some relief to the remaining Bartons, who have seen FOUR family members die in the past twelve months. James (Bill Ward); Holly (Sophie Powles); Finn (Joe Gill) and Emma (Gillian Kearney) have all had a one-way ticket out of the village.

Actress Natalie J Robb, 42, who has played Adam’s tragedy-prone mother Moira for almost nine years, confirmed to the Daily Star that her character won’t be permanently losing another child.

Speaking about the upcoming departure of the recently-married Adam, 30, she said: “I’m gutted. He told me a while before he decided to leave. He needs to tread the boards and see what else is out there. They’re keeping the door open so hopefully he’ll pop back at some point."

"It’s a big loss for me personally. I’ve known him for a very long time, we worked together on Waterloo Road - when he had the cutest chubby cheeks. He was such a cutie pie, he still is. He's like a son to me and I'm really going to miss him.”

Victoria and Adam, Emmerdale

Can't any couple remain happy in Soapland?     [Credit: ITV]

So if Adam won’t be ending up in the overcrowded Emmerdale graveyard, and he won’t be facing charges over Finn’s death, how will he actually leave? We’ve just seen him reunite with estranged wife Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) – and she’s not going anywhere.

So it does like there may be heartbreak ahead after all. 

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