Who was Bob Hope's daughter Dawn in Emmerdale and how did she die?

16 April 2021, 08:15

Bob Hope's daughter Dawn died in Emmerdale
Bob Hope's daughter Dawn died in Emmerdale. Picture: Getty Images/ITV

Who was Dawn Woods and what happened to her? Here's everything we know about the Emmerdale house collapse.

Emmerdale fans will remember Dawn Hope first arrived on the soap back in 2003 as the fiancee of Terry Woods.

It was then revealed she was the estranged daughter of Bob Hope, who shared Dawn and her brother Jamie with his ex, Jean.

But who was Dawn Woods and what happened to her? Here’s what we know…

Who was Dawn Woods in Emmerdale?

Dawn was played by actress Julia Mallam and was part of some big storylines during her time on the soap, including her unlikely romance with Terry.

Dawn was played by actress Julia Mallam
Dawn was played by actress Julia Mallam. Picture: PA Images

While Bob was over the moon to be reunited with his daughter when she first arrived, but he didn’t approve of her fiancé, who was 27 years her senior.

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But the pair married anyway and Dawn soon gave birth to their son, Terry Junior or TJ.

Unfortunately, the couple went their separate ways after Terry had a stroke and Dawn struggled to cope looking after her baby and husband.

Dawn was also known for her relationships with Scott Windsor and Danny Daggert.

After a short stint in prison, Dawn made the decision to leave Emmerdale for good and move to Cornwall with her son and new boyfriend.

How did Dawn die in Emmerdale?

Before leaving the village in 2006, Dawn went with her step-sister, Donna Windsor-Dingle, to view her new house which was built by Jimmy King.

Jimmy was furious with his ex-wife Sadie, who had secretly got engaged to his brother, Matthew.

After a furious row, Matthew and Sadie paid Cain to bulldoze the show home, but Jimmy was determined to open on time so he quickly patched up the damage.

On the day of the launch of the new housing development, there was an explosion which killed three people including Dawn.

Dawn was dragged from the building in front of her devastated dad, Bob.

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