Who plays Max in Emmerdale? Everything you need to know about Will Barnett

18 May 2021, 08:30

Will Barnett plays Max in Emmerdale
Will Barnett plays Max in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV/Instagram

What else has Will Barnett been in and was he in Coronation Street?

Emmerdale fans were quick to recognise new character Max after he was introduced as Liv’s date on the soap. 

Max and Liv Flaherty met in the pub and he bought her a drink after she was banned from buying her own, before the ‘creepy’ character headed back to her house. 

After his debut, one viewer wrote: “Why do i know Max? It,s doing my head in. What have i seen him in.”

“Oof! Who's the guy playing "Max" in Emmerdale?,” said another, while a third added: “What's Max been in? I recognise him #Emmerdale”

So who plays Max in Emmerdale? Here’s what we know… 

Max from Emmerdale is played by Will Barnett
Max from Emmerdale is played by Will Barnett. Picture: ITV

Who plays Max in Emmerdale?

Actor Will Barnett plays Max in Emmerdale, with soap fans recognising him from his role in Coronation Street.

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In Corrie, Will played Tyler Jefferies from 2018 to 2019, who was the son of Jed Moss and Vicky Jefferies.

Tyler was the lead member of a gang that got Simon Barlow involved in his criminal activities.

He is best known for mugging Audrey Barlow and Flora McArdle, as well as framing Simon for his own wrongdoings. 

The villain also got 14-year-old Amy Barlow pregnant before stating he wanted nothing to do with her. 

He left the Cobbles after getting a job as a potwash in Macclesfield.

After realising where they knew him from, another Emmerdale fan said: "Didn't this Max used to be in Corrie as that guy who got Amy pregnant?"

Another added: "OMG it's Tyler from #corrie".

Will’s other credits include 2019’s TV series Years and Years.

Meanwhile, back in Emmerdale, Max starting chatting up Liv up at the Woolpack.

She then used him to get some alcohol from the shop, where he was then seen picking up condoms alongside the vodka.

After Max propositioned Liv and the pair headed upstairs, Aaron arrived and stopped anything happening between the pair.

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