Fans Accuse Nadine Coyle Of Miming During THIS Comeback Performance

10 October 2017, 15:28

Nadine Coyle, girls aloud, solo

Her comeback performance on Lorraine left fans questioning whether she was really singing

Despite Lorraine telling the audience, “that was live vocals” following Nadine Coyle’s Comeback performance on her show, viewers were far from convinced. 

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Deciding to give her solo career another go, the Girls Aloud star performed her new single ‘Go To Work’ live this morning. However, viewers took to Twitter to accuse the singer of “miming” and "using autotune".

Following the performance however, Nadine set the record straight on Twitter, calmly responding with, “I was singing live I am very flattered some of you thought otherwise.”

That clears that up then!


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Image: Instagram/ Nadinecoyle