Fans’ Plea For X Factor’s Descendance Mum To Quit The Group Gets Results

18 September 2017, 16:06 | Updated: 18 September 2017, 16:35

X factor, duet, mum and daughter

The X Factor mother and daughter duo are finally going their separate ways

Despite being mistaken for sisters on last night’s X Factor, there was a clear stand out singer in mum and daughter duo, Descendance - and it wasn’t the mum. 

After their Macklemore performance, all of the judges agreed that, Debye should let her daughter sing alone, with Sharon advising her to “be a DJ, and join in with some vocals."

Though after bursting into a flood of tears, Debye was still reluctant to leave. 

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Fans however, were pretty vocal on what they thought she should do, urging her to put the interests of her daughter first. 

The Sun have now exclusively revealed that the pair will split during the show's next stages.