WATCH! Fans Outraged Over Bradley Walsh Rejecting The CORRECT Answer On The Chase

13 October 2017, 11:01 | Updated: 13 October 2017, 11:04

the chase - Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh wasn't the most favoured person following yesterday’s The Chase episode!

Twitter fans have gone to town on the Chase presenter, Bradley Walsh after he rejected a correct answer from a contestant, because they answered with an extra word.

Graphic designer, Dean missed out on winning cash when he was asked the question: "Wet Wet Wet did a cover of what song for Four Weddings And A Funeral?"

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Dean responded with: "Love Is All Around Me".

But he was shut down by Bradley, who corrected him saying it was in fact: "Love Is All Around".

Tweets flew in as a result, with one writing: “That is literally the answer, I'm fuming”. 

It didn’t help that later in the show Bradley let off Dean’s team mate, Rebecca, when she was asked: "A melchizedek is a huge bottle containing 40 standard bottles of what drink?" Rebecca responded with, “wine” to which Bradley responded, “Champagne, but I'll give you wine."

Poor Dean.


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