The Grand Party Hotel: Who owns the Shankly hotel in Liverpool?

1 October 2020, 19:38

The Shankly Hotel is owned by Lawrence and Katie Kenwright
The Shankly Hotel is owned by Lawrence and Katie Kenwright. Picture: BBC

Who is the general manager at the Shankly hotel in Liverpool and what do we know about the owners Lawrence and Katie Kenwright?

BBC debuted their new series The Grand Party Hotel on September 24, which takes viewers behind the doors of one of the most unusual hotels in the UK.

Located in Liverpool, the lively Shankly hotel has different themed party suites which can house groups of up to 24 people in the same room.

In fact, on a typical Friday night, close to 700 people check into the hotel, many with some very strange demands.

So as we sit down to watch another wild episode, let’s get to know the owners and staff a little better...

Who owns The Shankly hotel in Liverpool?

The 83-bedroom hotel is co-owned by Signature Living founders Lawrence and Katie Kenwright.

Lawrence and Katie Kenwright opened The Shankly Hotel in 2008
Lawrence and Katie Kenwright opened The Shankly Hotel in 2008. Picture: BBC

It is a tribute to the Liverpool FC manager Bill Shankly, and is also part owned by his grandson Christopher William Shankly Carline.

In 2019, Signature Living announced plans to sell the hotel for £40m, but a deal didn't materialise.

It has recently gone into administration but will remain open for business.

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How much is Lawrence Kenwright worth?

Lawrence is worth £20.3m after founding Signature Living in 2008.

He previously ran retail stores and imported clothing, while Katie worked in Human Resources.

The staff at The Shankly Hotel
The staff at The Shankly Hotel. Picture: BBC

Who is the general manager at The Shankly Hotel?

The Shankly hotel has recently welcomed a brand new general manager called Lyndon.

During the first episode, his management style saw him clash with many of the hotel’s existing staff.

At the end of the episode, it was then revealed Lyndon had decided The Shankly Hotel wasn’t for him and quit, so it is yet to be seen who will replace him.

Elsewhere in the hotel, there’s a soap star on the staff as the senior director is Emmerdale’s Kris Mochrie who played rapist Lee Posner.

Part-time actor Kris has worked at The Shankly for the past four years.

June is the cleaner, while Liam works in Guest Relations, Eric is the doorman and Ciara is the resident Wedding Co-ordinator.

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