The Grand Party Hotel: Where is the Shankly Hotel, is it open and how much does it cost to stay there?

8 October 2020, 19:30

The Shankly Hotel is owned by Lawrence and Katie Kenwright
The Shankly Hotel is owned by Lawrence and Katie Kenwright. Picture: The Shankly Hotel/BBC

Where is the Shankly Hotel and how much does it cost to stay there?

The Grand Party Hotel hit our TV screens a few weeks ago and follows the goings on behind the scenes of one of the most Instagramable hotels in the world.

Giving viewers an insight into The Shankly Hotel, the programme follows the staff at the party venue, as well as all the customers and their bizarre requests.

But what do we know about the Shankly Hotel and can you book to stay there? Here’s what we know…

Where is the Shankly Hotel?

The Shankly Hotel is in the heart of Liverpool city centre, in Millennium House at 60 Victoria Street.

It actually got its name from Liverpool footballer and manager Bill Shankly.

The Grand Party Hotel is filmed at The Shankly
The Grand Party Hotel is filmed at The Shankly. Picture: BBC

Is the Shankly Hotel closed?

The Shankly Hotel is currently open for business.

It was forced to close during lockdown due to government restrictions put in place.

While the business behind the hotel has recently fallen into administration, the owners - Lawrence and Katie Kenwright - vowed it will continue to host guests as usual.

In a statement on their Facebook page, they said: "Signature Living Hotel Limited (In Administration) is the holding company of the wider Signature Group. It is not responsible for the day to day operation of the hotels and residential developments.

"The Administration appointments over companies within the wider Group relate to specific property assets including the property interest of the Shankly Hotel.

"The day to day hotel operations are the responsibility of The Shankly Hotel Ops Limited which is not subject to Insolvency proceedings.

"The Shankly Hotel is taking steps to reopen in line with the latest Government guidelines in due course. Any bookings in relation to the Shankly Hotel are with The Shankly Hotel Ops Limited and the Administrators are not a party to these transactions.

"Any queries relating to bookings made with the Shankly Hotel should be directed to the operator."

The Shankly hotel is in Liverpool city centre
The Shankly hotel is in Liverpool city centre. Picture: BBC

How much does it cost to stay at the Shankly Hotel?

Prices vary depending on what room guests would like to stay in at The Shankly Hotel.

Morgan’s Vault is one of the most infamous rooms and costs £1000 for a night's stay.

The nautical themed room sleeps 30 guests, and features a 40-foot pool and private bar, so that works out at £30 per person for 30 people.

The Shankly also offers other themed hotel suites which start from £500 for six people.