Is This The End Of Bake Off As We Know It? Two Massive Departures Have Been Confirmed

Mel And Sue Quit Bake Off

As the news emerged that the BBC have lost the rights to the Great British Bake Off. First the internet broke down and now two other MAJOR changes have been announced.

Get ready to cry into your arctic rolls and gingerbread mixtures everyone! 

Wednesday night classic the Great British bake Off is currently broadcast on BBC One, but according to sources, the publicly funded broadcasting channel offered £15million to keep it - £10million short of what Love Productions wanted. 

As a result, Channel 4 picked up the bill and is set to host the show from next year. 

When the decision was first announced, Bake Off presenter Sue Perkins thought the production company should rethink the move, and retweeted the BBC press release describing the show as 'quintessentially BBC'. 

But since then, more MAJOR news has broken - Mel Geidroyc and Sue Perkins will not be moving with the show to Channel 4.

In a statement Mel and Sue said: "We were very shocked and saddened to learn yesterday evening that Bake Off will be moving from its home. We made no secret of our desire for the show to remain where it was."

It's still not clear whether Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood will stick with the show, but Mel and Sue are baking pun goddesses and the show certainly won't be the same without their hilarious commentary.

The news of the move went down like a soggy bottom on the Twittersphere and fans have been expressing their concerns in the only way they know how: with baking puns and an all round British no-nonsense attitude. 


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Oh Ron. Mary would be proud:

When one's wife won't even be watching:

Money is the root of all evil:

The news came on the same day former PM David Cameron announced that he'd be stepping down as an MP:

Protecting oneself from the middle class uproar:


When words are simply not enough:

Think of the books!

Because throwing that all British strop has always worked in our favour:

There's always one optimist...

Remember, this series is still on BBC One so remember to tune in at 8pm on Wednesday.