The 12 Most Laugh Out Loud Celebrity 'Friends' Cameos

Friends still

It's one of our favourite sitcoms in history, but it wasn't just the Central Perk gang that had us rolling on the floor laughing. We recount some of the show's funniest celebrity cameos.

Brad Pitt:

Girls wanted to be with him and men (read Chandler), wanted to be him... but the moment Monica Geller opened the door to her old school friend 'Will', we knew we were in for a bumper episode! 

What is more, when it turned out that Will had hated Rachel Green at high school and still bore that grudge, we couldn't wait for the onscreen sparks to fly between the then husband and wife Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston. 

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Richard Branson: 

Really who else could the multibillionaire British entrepreneur play than a local London street vendor? We tip our oversized tourist hats to you Sir Branson!

Jennifer Saunders:

The cut glass British accent of one of our favourite national treasures never fails to delight and Saunders' rude and obnoxious character in Friends, who is downright rude to poor pregnant Phoebe, makes us laugh even when we know it shouldn't! 

George Clooney and Noah Wyle:

The screams and whoops of delight from the audience on the laugher track, give some indication of the levels of excitement at seeing screen hunk George Clooney and the equally dishy Noah Wyle don white Doctor's coats in the hit sitcom.  

Hey, we're not judging, we're right there screaming along with ya! 

Alec Baldwin:

Possibly one of the most hilariously frustrating character cameos in the whole show, Phoebe's overly positive boyfriend Parker, drove the rest of the gang (as well as us), round the bend with his annoyingly upbeat and happy nature!

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Christina Applegate:

It was a source of pride to us all watching Rachel Green grow from a spoilt daddy's-little-princess to self-aware, mature adult... unfortunately her sister Amy hasn't quite undergone such a transition yet. 

Winona Ryder: 

No-one but no-one loved Ray Ray Green quite as much as Winona Ryder's character and Rachel's old college pal Ryder. 

Playing a definite departure from her usual darker characters, we love seeing the actress in a preppy pink skirt suit and matching twin set.

Gary Oldman:

Another beloved British actor taking his turn in a cameo role is good ole' Gary. Gary plays Richard Crosby, who plays Vincent... still with us? Good. Vincent like to enunciate... much to to detriment of poor Joey...who ends up drenched in spit. Eurghlack! 

Julia Roberts:

We can't stop laughing when Chandler's old schoolmate "Susie Underpants" reaps her revenge in the funniest and most public way possible!

Ben Stiller:

Let's just say Stiller, aka. 'The Screamer' has a teensy-tiny anger management problem...

Hugh Laurie: 

After deeply laying into poor old Rach about her plans to destroy Ross and Emily's wedding, he goes on to call her a "horrible, horrible person"... and really it's pretty funny. 

And last but not least...Danny Devito:

How could we leave out our favourite Policeman stripper out of the lineup...?! Danny Devito's HILARIOUS portrayal of an erotic dancer dressed up as an officer of the law doing his last ever "dance" is almost too much to take..! 

Right, we're off to binge all 10 seasons... see you on the couch!