Honey G’s Comeback Single Sends Fans Into Meltdown!

2 January 2018, 15:29

honey G , good morning Britain

Honey G has raised a few eyebrows with her latest release.

Taking to the Good Morning Britain sofa to promote her new single, Honey G is well and truly back. 

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Pushing her new song, ‘Riding Hot’ the former X Factor contestant explained: "I've been recording my album and laying it down.” Whilst Ben Shepherd confessed that the “catchy” tune was right up his kids’ street, a number of fans took to Twitter to say otherwise. 

One irritated viewer tweeted: “Why give her airtime?? She's taking up a place that a decent talented person should be getting!" 

Whilst another added: “Seriously does anybody really buy that garbage from Honey G?"

Ouch. It’s not that bad, guys!


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