How many episodes are there of Viewpoint?

26 April 2021, 18:00

Viewpoint is airing on ITV this Spring
Viewpoint is airing on ITV this Spring. Picture: ITV

How many episodes are there in ITV's Viewpoint and when does it finish?

If you’re looking for some new TV to watch this Spring, then ITV has got you covered with Viewpoint.

The police drama stars Noel Clarke as DC Martin Young who sets up an observation post in the home of a single mother to keep tabs on the prime suspect in a missing person case.

As we watch the twists and turns unfold, how many episodes are there of Viewpoint and when is it next on?

How many episodes are there of Viewpoint?

The five-part series Viewpoint will air over consecutive nights.

Noel Clarke plays DC Martin King in Viewpoint
Noel Clarke plays DC Martin King in Viewpoint. Picture: ITV

With the first episode airing on Monday 26th, it will then be on every night until the final episode on Friday 30th April.

Viewpoint follows an investigation into a tight-knit Manchester community, as detectives observe the home of missing school teacher, Gemma Hillman.

The teacher’s partner is the prime suspect, and their shared home can be seen from single mum Zoe’s house.

The synopsis reads: "The gripping new drama follows a tense police surveillance investigation into a tight knit Manchester community and explores whether it is ever possible to observe the lives of others with true objectivity and zero effect."

While Noel Clarke takes on the lead role as Martin Young, Alexandra Roach plays single mum Zoe Sterling.

Viewpoint is made up of five episodes
Viewpoint is made up of five episodes. Picture: ITV

Fehinti Balogun, Catherine Tyldesley and Bronagh Waugh are also in the cast.

Speaking about what viewers can expect from the series, former Coronation Street actress Catherine told and other press: “It’s going to be very addictive for people.

“It’s real ‘edge of your seat’ stuff and it’s so well written. We all love a good nosey and I think that’s what’s addictive.

“You feel like you shouldn't be seeing these things and I know what’s coming when I watch it but I still felt a little bit naughty.”

Noel added he was attracted to the ‘calmness’ of the role, telling us: “There was a stillness and real calm about the writing.

“I’ve never had this opportunity to play a role like this, it was a no brainer for me to be able to do it.”