Innocent season 2 cast: Who plays Brown and what else has Michael Stevenson been in?

20 May 2021, 19:37

Michael Stevenson plays Brown in Innocent
Michael Stevenson plays Brown in Innocent. Picture: ITV/PA Images

How old is Michael Stevenson and who did he play in Casualty?

ITV is back with a brand new series of Innocent, and this time around it follows teacher Sally Wright (Katherine Kelly).

Sally spent five years in prison after she was wrongly accused of murdering teenager Matthew Taylor.

But after new evidence proved her innocence, she is determined to get her old life back and clear her name once and for all.

So, as we watch the drama come to a dramatic climax, who plays new character Brown?

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Michael Stevenson is currently playing the role of Brown in Innocent
Michael Stevenson is currently playing the role of Brown in Innocent. Picture: ITV

Who plays Brown in Innocent?

Michael Stevenson, 40, plays Brown in the final episode of Innocent.

He is an actor who is best known for his role as Iain Dean in BBC medical drama Casualty from 2012 until 2019 and from 2021.

What else has Michael Stevenson been in?

Michael has had a long list of TV credits over his career which include Heartbeat, Doctors and Holby City.

The actor recently reprised his role in Casualty in April 2021 after a year and a half away.

After his character Iain’s mental health story came to an end Michael announced he was taking an extended break from the role back in 2019.

Speaking to Digital Spy about his return in 2021, the star explained: "When the producers got in contact and stuck to their word by asking me to come back, it was a no brainer.

“It's home to me. The show has been very good to me and so there was nothing to think about really."

Speaking about his character, Michael added: “Iain is in a much, much better place. He's had a really good year. He's really enjoyed working for the HEMS team and all the thrills that come with that – it's right up Iain's street. He has definitely changed.”

Is Michael Stevenson married?

Michael is married to actress Lauren Crace and the pair share three children together; eight-year-old son Jack and six-year-old twin girls Emmy and Isla.

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