Can You Spot The HUGE Blunder At The End Of The Apple Christmas Ad?

24 November 2017, 11:04

Apple advert christmas asset

The new ad aims to encourage people to come together.

Apple’s Christmas advert is out, and isn’t too far behind the John Lewis advert when it comes to the cute factor. 

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The ad is based around two New York city dancers Lauren Yalango-Grant and Christopher Grant, who are married in real life, but in the ad they meet by chance. Almost like a real life fairytale! 

It begins with Lauren taking out her iPhone X, putting on Sam Smith’s "Palace" and bursting into dance. 

As she dances her way down the street, she bumps into Christopher, and they share a long gaze with one and other. She then removes an AirPod from her ear and puts it in his, before bursting into dance again - this time, with him. 

They both dance over car roofs and through the streets before finally locking lips for a much anticipated kiss. However, as they pop out of their dancing dream to real life, viewers have spotted that Christopher’s AirPod is missing, even though she hands him the AirPod before the dream sequence.


The ad which will hit UK TV screens today, ends with the words, ‘Move someone this holiday’. 

It will hit UK TV screens today, see if you can spot the blunder!  


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