Jamie Laing Explains His New Haircut After Being Compared To Judge Rinder!

10 August 2017, 13:11

Jamie Laing Judge Rinder Haircut

The Made In Chelsea star revealed the reason for his new hair do.

Since Jamie Laing joined Made In Chelsea he has been known for his coiffed icy blonde locks so we were shocked when he revealed that he had shaved most of it off lately!

The 28-year-old reality TV star showcased his new locks while promoting the new Ibiza based series of Made In Chelsea on Lorraine and was quick to reveal the reason behind the dramatic change.

He explained to Christine Lampard, who is filling in for Lorraine, that he shaved his head for an appearance on Channel 4's Hunted with fellow Chelsea socialite, Spencer Matthews.

The pair will appear on a special celebrity episode of the show for Stand Up To Cancer and will see the boys try and stay on the run from ex-MI5 and anti terror police.

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He said: "It's amazing, it's coming out in October. It's basically where you have to disappear from ex-MI5 and from the SAS while you're hunted, you're a fugitive hence the shaved head."

He continued: " We thought shaving out head would make us unrecognisable but it just shows more of your face!"

Christine and Jamie's co-stars Georgia Toffolo and Alex Mytton all chimed in to compliment him on his new look until he sheepishly admitted that people have begun comparing him to daytime TV's Judge Rinder!

Now you mention it Jamie...

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