Jennifer Lawrence Getting Drunk On Wine Proves She’s The REAL Winner At The Oscars

5 March 2018, 12:24

The Oscars - Jennifer Lawrence Drunk

By Sam Lucas

Jennifer Lawrence definitely made the most of the complimentary booze!

It’s the biggest night in showbiz, and whilst many think the Oscars is all about winning awards, Jennifer Lawrence won in her own unique way. 

By drinking. A LOT. 

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Notorious for not taking herself too seriously, Jennifer didn’t let the complimentary booze go to waste, after being spotted with a glass in hand in most pictures throughout the night. 

The Oscars - Jennifer Lawrence

Even better, the Red Sparrow star was pictured hopping over a number of chairs in her floor-length gown, as she struggled to find her seat!

the Oscars - Jennifer Lawrence Drunk talk

Catching up with the likes of Meryl Streep and Steven Spielberg along the way, she finally wound up sitting next to her BFF Emma Stone - which was no doubt a giggly affair, throughout the ceremony.

the Oscars - Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep

It isn’t the first time Jen’s made the most of the wine, admitting most recently on Andy Cohen's radio show, that she got drunk before a Red Sparrow premiere. 

Talking of the event she explained: “I looked like I had electroshock therapy.”

“In my head I was like, "I'm a goth queen" but I looked like a goth queen on crack.”

You’ve got to love her! Never change, Jennifer. Never change. 


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