Killing Eve series 3 CONFIRMED: Star Henry Lloyd-Hughes says it is definitely happening

13 June 2019, 17:29 | Updated: 14 June 2019, 09:03

Killing Eve is returning for a third season
Killing Eve is returning for a third season. Picture: BBC/Heart
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

EXCLUSIVE: Killing Eve star Henry Lloyd Hughes has revealed a season three is on the horizon

Killing Eve is officially returning for a third season, and we're already counting down the days until Villanelle et al return to our screens.

We sat down with Henry Lloyd-Hughes, whose character Aaron Peel was at the centre of an MI5 investigation and got punched in the nose by Villanelle at the world's most awkward dinner party, to pick his brains about the new season.

He told "They have confirmed there will be a series three... I can't tell you anything about that because I don't know - it would be a musical, could be set in space, could be a fight against aliens, I have no idea.

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"The show is hugely celebrated, quite rightly so," he added. "There's no doubt that they want to see those characters doing more things.

And speaking about his character, he said: "It was a chance to be in one of the most exciting TV shows on the planet, so I probably would have been interested in playing 'spear carrier number four' or 'man opening a door'.

"But Aaron Peel is a man with infinite wealth and infinite resources and therefore i knew that this would be someone who would arrive in the world of the show and possibly disrupt the status quo in some way shape or form, and I thought that would be an intriguing delicious challenge fore the viewers."

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Killing Eve is available on BBC iPlayer now
Killing Eve is available on BBC iPlayer now. Picture: BBC

When is Killing Eve season three returning to BBC Three?

Although the new series is in the pipeline, no details or release date has been made available yet. But watch this space!

How can I catch up with Killing Eve season 2?

Killing Eve season two is on every Saturday on BBC1. Or you can watch the whole boxset on the iPlayer now.