Kim Woodburn Gets A Makeover And She Looks Unrecognisable!

11 January 2017, 16:08 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11

Kim Woodburn gets a complete makeover on Celebrity 100% Hotter Daily Mail Online


By Hollie Borland

TV personality Kim Woodburn has ditched her peroxide blonde hair after undergoing a makeover for Channel 5's 100% Hotter.

You know Kim Woodburn off of Kim and Aggie, off of How Clean Is Your House? Well, she's just undergone a makeover and now she looks like a totally different woman. 

Kim, 74, is recognised for her iconic look which includes a pearl necklace and her peroxide blonde hair scraped back in a high pony tail. Now, all in the aid of television, she's traded it in for brunette locks and a work appropriate roll neck jumper. 

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Kim woodburn makeover
Kim with a choppy brunette bob post makeover. Picture | Channel 5

The cleaner-turned-TV personality underwent the transformation for Channel 5's 100% Hotter. 

After her new look was revealed to her for the first time with a dramatic mirror exposé, she squealed: "Oh my goodness me, it’s such a change! And my hair, my good god! Honestly, I have never thought of myself with dark brown hair. 

Kim and Aggie How Clean Is Your House?
Kim and Aggie were known for cleaning abilities on How Clean Is Your House?

"And I don’t look like mutton dressed as lamb!"

We've got to say Kim, you suit a choppy brunette bob! Could this be a new permanent look for Kim?

Former X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Khan also appeared on the show, where her Barbie-inspired look was heavily taken down a notch.  

However, she was much less impressed with the results of her makeover, claiming it make her look like Carol Vorderman (which apparently isn't a good thing if you're Chloe Khan). 


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