The Latest Coronation Street Gaffe Is Too Cringe Worthy To Watch

Maria Kisses Adam Right In Front Of Aiden - Coronation Street


The long-running soap is the latest to fall victim to an on-screen error.

Eagled eyed viewers have spotted yet another gaffe during primetime telly as they took to Twitter to discuss Maria O'Connor's broken heel in Monday night's episode.

The well-known character suffered a wardrobe malfunction in the shoe department but instead of walking with an awkward stumble, the character continued to walk with the perfect strut on the cobbled streets of Weatherfield following a passionate embrace with Adam. 

During the episode Maria decided to toast her (possibly temporary) release from jail, by going out on the two with Aiden.

Ever grateful to him for exposing Caz's plan to frame her, she shows her gratitude by passionately kissing him. 

They plan to spend the night together in a local hotel, but when he says he isn't willing to end his relationship with Eva, Maria is upset and calls off their night of passion. 

However, following a tough day in court Maria changes her mind and decides to meet Aiden, only to see he's already at the bar with Eva.

Things get even more awkward when Eva suggests they all sit down and have a drink together!


Maria is furious and when Eva’s back is turned, she slaps him and leaves.

Later she seeks comfort in Adam, leaving Aiden to see red when he spots the pair kissing in the street!

Yikes! It's all kicking off on the cobbles!