WATCH! Peter Andre Giving Birth Is Without A Doubt The Most Hilarious Experiment EVER

Peter Andre Gives Birth! | Loose Women


Men will never truly understand the pain of labouring a child, but Peter Andre came pretty close!

It's not usually okay to laugh at someone else's pain, but we found ourselves in stitches when Peter Andre compared giving birth to "being hit with a sledge hammer" in a hilarious stitch up on Loose Women.

The father of three, got just a little glimpse of what his pregnant wife Emily will be experiencing when she gives birth to their second child this year, after being hooked up to a gadget that simulates the contractions experienced during labour.

Pete was flown out to Amsterdam to try out the "birth stimulation machine" and understandably he was a little apprehensive about the event. 

Speaking in the video he said: "I'm going to give it my best shot to go through a simulation of labour - call it a labour of love - to be a better birth partner to my beautiful wife Emily who is due to give birth very soon. 

"I'm not going to lie, I'm really freaking out about the pain, I should have thought this through, but I'm going to try my hardest."

To make the experience even more real, Peter wore a baby bump for 24 hours prior, which weighed two and a half stone!

Speaking about the experience of carrying a bump he said: "This would be what I would feel like at full term for my weight. All joking aside, I couldn't put my socks on."

Peter was hooked up to the machine, at 'The Birth Hotel' that replicates labour contractions using electrical currents through electrodes that are placed on his stomach.

Things soon took a turn for the worst and the 'Mysterious Girl' singer is seen panting, keeling over and being hooked up to gas and air in a bid to grit his way through the pain when the device was turned onto full strength. 

"Yesterday it felt like a sledge hammer that hit me when I got to the level of 10cm dilated," he explained. 

Explaining how he felt after the event to the Loose Women panel, Peter moaned, "It is nothing you'd ever expect. 

It's absolutely horrific! Nothing in the world prepared me for that.... they say that guys can relate to it if you've had kidney stones and I've had kidney stones and let me tell you, I would have another twenty kidney stones rather than go through that again! That was hell."

Well, at least it was a machine that you could turn off Peter! Some of us have to experience the real deal!