Lord Sugar Accidentally Made This Huge Dig At TV Host Richard Madeley!

30 October 2017, 14:36

Lord Sugar Accidentally Made This Huge Dig At TV H

The jibe was actually aimed at another TV presenter...

Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan aren't strangers to making a dig at each other and The Apprentice star took another swing at the Good Morning Britain host at the weekend - or at least he thought he had!

The business mogul uploaded the following picture poking fun at the GMB host by comparing him to a rather strange looking fish alongside a tweet which read "This will be hosting GMB tomorrow sitting next to Susanna Reid".

But poor Lord Sugar obviously hadn't checked the TV schedules this week as Piers is actually away and being replaced by Richard Madeley in the meantime....awkward.

GMB's TV reported Konnie Huq couldn't resist but bring the moment up during the segment where they spoke about Blue Planet, the programme the fish in question starred in. 

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She showed the tweet to Richard and Susanna before quickly reassuring them that it was actually aimed at Piers instead.

"Was Lord Sugar referring to me?" asked Richard "It's a little personal but I can ride it out. I've had worse on Twitter I suppose. Haven't we all?"

She then showed a tweet the Lord posted just after that confirmed it was in fact aimed at Piers...

Piers is yet to hit back at the tweets as he is on holiday in LA with his family at the moment, but we're sure he won't be able to stay tight lipped for long!