Lorraine Kelly Flirts With Jason Derulo During Interview!

25 May 2017, 16:30 | Updated: 14 July 2017, 11:11

Jason Derulo Says He's Releasing a Country Album! | Lorraine


She didn't exactly Talk Dirty to him, but Lorraine did seem flustered by the music megastar...

She’s a TV legend with years of interviewing experience to her name, but it seems that even Lorraine Kelly can get star struck. Lorraine interviewed hip hop superstar Jason Derulo this week, and she appeared to be a little…flustered.

Lorraine, 57, told Derulo that his songs were ‘banging’ before saying that his latest music video was ‘a little tiny bit naughty’ for her morning timeslot. She then showed him a video of her exercise class working out to one of his tracks, pointing out her instructor Maxine, who’s ‘giving it large.’ Oh, Lorraine, we do love you – but that did make us cringe.

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Some Twitter users picked up on Lorraine’s flirty chat.

Jason Derulo, 27, however, seemed charmed by her enthusiasm. He praised the efforts of Lorraine’s exercise class, saying it ‘looked really intense.’ Lorraine replied: 'Yes we are intense, we're feeling it. We have such a laugh, we really do.' Good on you, Lorraine!

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The interview did turn more serious though, as Lorraine asked for the singer's reaction to the Manchester Arena atrocity on Monday. 

Jason explained that he was going to say something on social media, but could not find words to describe how he felt. 

He continued: 'Concerts are a place of love and sharing and this disgusting moment has changed that for a second.”

The star – who will be touring across Europe and the US this summer – continued:  'I don’t think we should live in fear, we need to take the proper precautions but I don't think it should deter us from having fun. I've seen some of the most rewarding moments on stage music brings us together, even going to places that are non-English speaking. I am truly devastated my prayers go out to all the loved ones because I know there is no greater pain.'  

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