Love Island 2019 cast REVEALED - meet the contestants

14 June 2019, 12:25 | Updated: 14 June 2019, 12:32

Love Island is finally back on our screens
Love Island is finally back on our screens. Picture: ITV

Love Island series five has officially returned to ITV2 - find out more about the cast

Love Island has returned - and we're still getting to know what the new islanders are like.

Meet the 12 original hopefuls who entered the villa at the start of the summer, as well as the newest bombshells ready to cause drama.

The line-up for Love Island 2019 has FINALLY been revealed!
The line-up for Love Island 2019 has FINALLY been revealed! Picture: ITV

Elma Pazar, 26, from Essex

Lash technician Elma hails from Essex and headed into the villa as part of a double bombshell and her arrival has shaken things up.

She admitted her ideal man was a mix of Jack Fincham and Jack Fowler from last year's season as she loved the latter's jokey personality but is a fan of a dad bod.

Elma Pazar
Elma Pazar. Picture: ITV

Maura Higgins, 28, from Country Longford

Irish beauty Maura has already ruffled some feathers in the villa for going straight after what she wants - Tommy Fury.

However, she did mention in her entry interview that she'd have no qualms going after whats she wants in the villa, and she's stuck to it.

Maura Higgins
Maura Higgins. Picture: ITV

Danny Williams, 21, from Hull

Danny has teased that he'll be "entertaining" in the villa, but is also looking for some new friends.

He said: "I think that is one of my best qualities, I’ll be a good friend, someone people can trust."I’ve always got peoples’ back and that’s what I pride myself on.

"In terms of being a Love Islander and trying to find love, I’ll be funny, probably a bit cheeky but I do like to have a laugh."

Danny is ready to cheer the Islanders up
Danny is ready to cheer the Islanders up. Picture: ITV2

Molly-Mae Hague, 20, from Hertforshire

Molly is a social media influencer and she's definitely ready to find love.

Describing herself as “very lady back and easy going”, Molly has teased: “What you see if what you get with me. I’m an open book, I’m easy to talk to and approachable and I’m very chilled.”

The hopeful has also added she won't hold back when it comes to getting what she wants, adding: “I’ll go to the length I need to go to get the guy I want but in the process I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Molly-Mae is the latest star to join the show
Molly-Mae is the latest star to join the show. Picture: ITV2

Yewande Biala, 23, from Dublin

Scientist Yewande is keen to make a splash in the Love Island villa with her intelligence.

She says she’s “easy to get along with, funny and caring” but can be “a tad dramatic”.

The Irish contestant is looking for love after a string of failed dates on Tinder and is keeping he eyes peeled for someone with “good banter” that’s “honest, tall and athletic”.

Yewande says she’s “very loyal” and would expect someone to speak to her if they fancied the guy she was coupled up with.

Yewande Biala. Picture: ITV

Lucie Donlan, 21, from Newquay

Surfer Lucie says she’s more of a “guy’s girl” and “different” to the usual women that go on the show as she’s “into sports as well as being glam”.

The 21-year-old describes herself as “kind and thoughtful” but can “cut boys off very quickly” if she’s not into them.

Her ideal guy to couple up with would fit the “typical surfer look – blonde, long hair” and be someone who “has a sport”, whether it's boxing, snowboarding, motorcross or “anything cool like that”.

She’s never had a relationship that’s lasted more than six months because she gets “bored” and mainly meets guys through Instagram.

Lucie, who had a fling with last year’s Love Island star Charlie Frederick after he left the villa, has also admitted to cheating in the past and says she’s got a “wandering eye”.

Lucie Donlan . Picture: ITV

Amber Gill, 21, from Newcastle

The beauty therapist thinks she’s perfect for Love Island because of her “big personality”.

The Geordie describes herself as “funny”, “sassy”, and “kind”, but admits she can be hot-headed, loud and very opinionated.

She rates her looks 10/10 but “not in a cocky way” because she believes you should always “back yourself”.

Amber’s dream date would be tall guy who is “muscly and athletic” that spends time in the gym.

She also likes men with a sense of humour who can act “daft” but would never reply to DMs on Instagram as she likes to meet guys through friends.

Amber Gill
Amber Gill. Picture: ITV

Amy Hart, 26, from Worthing

Air hostess Amy says she’s the “Bridget Jones” of her friendship group when it comes to love.

The 26-year-old believes she’s loyal, quick-witted and unique.

“Where I’m from, no-one really dresses like me or acts like me,” explains Amy.

She admits to being “a bit bossy” at times but gives her personality an 8/10.

Passionate about travel, she wants to find a guy to “travel the world with” but isn’t interested in men who play games as she is officially on the hunt for ‘the one’!

Amy Hart
Amy Hart. Picture: ITV

Anna Vakili, 28, from London

Pharmacist Anna thinks her “glam look” is perfect for the villa but explains she has more depth to her than that.

The Londoner describes herself as “stubborn”, “difficult to handle” and a “drama queen” but is really affectionate and “loves hugs and kisses”.

She puts her eyes down as her best feature and is looking for a man who’s “tall, good-looking, with dark hair and dark eyes”.

Anna also likes “soppy guys” who are “loyal, kind and emotional” and admits that if she finds her man, she would consider making a move even if he's coupled up as she’s “in there for love at the end of the day, not girls”.

Anna Vikali
Anna Vakili . Picture: ITV

Anton Danyluk, 24, from Airdrie, Scotland

Gym owner Anton describes himself as “funny, hard-working, and really motivated”, but admits he can be “moody”, “selfish” and an “over-thinker”.

He rates himself 8/10 on looks alone but says “you can bump it up a little bit” when you take his personality into account.

The fitness enthusiast is on the hunt for a “good-looking” girl who is “hard-working” and into the gym as it’s a big part of his life.

“Blonde hair is usually my type,” reveals Anton, but he doesn’t want to meet someone “who lives off her parents”.

As for staying true to his partner, the Scotsman says he’s “never really been loyal” in any of his relationships and was recently caught cheating.

Anton Danyluk
Anton Danyluk. Picture: ITV

Tommy Fury, 20, from Manchester

Boxer Tommy is the younger brother of heavyweight superstar Tyson Fury.

Despite his famous sibling, the 20-year-old says he’s “fun, bubbly, good to get along with and just really easy-going”.

He’s excited to “have a splash about in the pool” and wants a bromance as much as a romance.

Describing himself as “honest, charismatic and charming”, he admits he can be a bit too confident at times but is hoping to couple up with a “gym girl” who is “a bit shy” and has blonde hair, blue eyes and a good tan.

As for staying loyal? Tommy explains: “I’ve never cheated and I never will cheat. I’m a loyal guy down to the roots.”

Tommy Fury
Tommy Fury. Picture: ITV

Joe Garratt, 22, from South East London

Catering company owner Joe believes you shouldn’t take life too seriously.

According to the 22-year-old businessman, he’s “fun, a bit of a romantic and laid-back” but can be “quite indecisive” and questions a lot of things.

On a good day, he would give himself 9/10 because he’s a “cheeky charmer” with great hair.

His type on paper? “It’s more how we click, if she is fun, outgoing and doesn’t take herself too seriously and is open to talk about things. I’m looking for a connection, obviously initial attraction is key but the connection is the main go-to,” says Joe.

He doesn’t like “stuck-up girls” and believes “love is a super powerful thing”.

Joe Garratt
Joe Garratt. Picture: ITV

Michael Griffiths, 27, from Liverpool

Firefighter Michael describes himself as a “straight-talking guy” who is “open and energetic” but says his direct nature can get him in trouble with people who "don’t like the truth".

He rates himself a solid 10/10 due to his “hero” status and says his smile is his secret weapon. Michael also claims people are “obsessed” with his lips.

The 27-year-old is looking for a woman he can “get along with on an intellectual level” but she has to “have a nice bum”.

And when it comes to relationships, Michael says: “I’ve been cheated on plenty of times but I am loyal."

Michael Griffiths
Michael Griffiths. Picture: ITV

Sherif Lanre, 20, from London

Chef and semi-pro rugby player Sherif Lanre - who has now been dumped from the Island - described himself as an “upbeat, cheeky and outrageous” singleton who is “always on a mission to make people laugh”.

The 20-year-old strives to lift people’s moods and would rather “spare someone’s feelings” than cause conflict.

He admits his “hysterical laugh is pretty ugly” but gives himself 8/10 on a good day and has been told he has nice eyes.

His idea of a perfect girl? “I want a girl that makes me laugh, even if that’s just from being herself and not trying to be funny. A nice smile and nice teeth. And nice bum!”

Sherif’s turn-offs include someone who “wants to be the centre of attention” and has “bad hygiene”.

Sherif Lanre
Sherif Lanre. Picture: ITV

Curtis Pritchard, 23, from Shropshire

You might recognise ballroom and latin dancer Curtis as he looks almost identical to his famous brother, Strictly’s AJ Pritchard.

The 23-year-old has followed in his brother’s footsteps and dances professionally for a living.

He describes himself as “great fun to be around, always thinking about other people and I’m always putting a smile on people’s faces” but admits he’s useless at replying to texts.

The dancer doesn’t rate his looks with a number but says people have told him he’s attractive and always compliment him on his smile.

So what’s he looking for in the villa? “I’m sure everyone has their idea of the perfect girl but I don’t,” explains Curtis.

“I like blondes and an athletic body, not too fake and somebody that respects themselves. But if the complete opposite comes in and I fall madly in love with them then I’ve completely lied to you. Love is blind!”

Curtis Pritchard
Curtis Pritchard. Picture: ITV

Callum Macleod, 28, from South Wales

The first dumped Islander Callum is an aircraft engineer who describes himself as a “genuine, normal guy and up for a good laugh”.

He entered the villa to find love as he “doesn’t want to be left on the shelf” - unfortunately he only managed to last one week. AW!

The Welshman, who says he’s “blossomed” with age, rates himself 6.2/10 but pushes it up to a 7 when he has a tan.

His perfect partner? “Looks-wise, I like blonde and petite girls. Personality, I just like girls that let me be myself.”

The 28-year-old also respects “morals and loyalty” and doesn’t like it “when people are slimy”.

And when it comes to staying true to a loved one, Callum says: “I hate cheating, I can’t stand it. I don’t understand why you would want to hurt someone.”

Callum Macleod
Callum Macleod. Picture: ITV

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