Love Island's Camilla Explains Why She's GLAD Her Fling With Prince Harry Didn't Work Out

26 July 2017, 13:22

Camilla and Jamie Jewitt Love Island

The 'Love Island' star was rumoured to have dated the 32-year-old royal but never dared to spill the beans on their fling until now.

There's not many girls who can say they turned down a Prince in their lifetime but Camilla Thurlow says she's happy her short-lived romance with Prince Harry didn't work out.

The 'Love Island' star was rumoured to have dated the 32-year-old royal, who is now dating actress Meghan Markle, but never dared to spill the beans on their fling.

Camilla then won the hearts of the nation during her seven-week stint on the show and even made it to the final two after striking up a romance with fellow islander and Calvin Klien underwear model, Jamie Jewitt, who she is smitten with!

Speaking on her fling with Prince Harry, she told The Sun upon her exit from the villa: "I didn’t want my past relationships in the spotlight to upset having a future with someone. I am very happy with Jamie right now."

The self-confessed wall-flower found herself being back to win the show by the public after they became endeared by her bashful nature and her humility despite a series of heartbreaks throughout the series. 

After meeting Jamie, Camilla now claims she's met the man of her dreams and says if it wasn't for her past relationships failing, she would never have gone on the show and met her match.

She continued: "It is nice that something that has happened in the past is in the past – I’ve had an opportunity to show people the person I am."

Meanwhile, Jamie insisted that he's not intimidated by the fact Camilla has dated a royal, despite calling her conquest with Prince Harry "impressive". 

"As much as Prince Harry is an impressive human being, I am not going to be intimidated by him," Jamie explained. "I wasn’t at all shocked to hear she dated Prince Harry – Camilla is a very classy lady. It is her past and everyone has a past."

Good luck to these two!