Love Island Australia season 2: Meet the cast and find them on Instagram

26 February 2021, 13:42

Find the Love Island Australia 2 cast on Instagram
Find the Love Island Australia 2 cast on Instagram. Picture: Instagram

How can I find the Love Island Australia season 2 cast on Instagram?

Love Island Australia is back on ITV2 this March, with the second series airing in the UK.

The season was originally filmed back in 2019, but now Brits get the chance to relive all the drama every weeknight.

So, here’s a look at all the contestants taking part in the show…

Cartier Surjan

Cartier was a 19-year-old lifeguard from Sydney when she joined the show.

At the time, she said she was ‘looking for a family man, a real sweetheart, but someone who is also sexy and rugged.’

Find Cartier on Instagram @cartiersurjan.

Cynthia Taylu

Model Cynthia is from Brisbane and said she joined the show because she’s ‘found it really hard to find men who actually want to settle down and have a relationship.’

Cynthia’s Instagram handle is @taylu_me.

Jessie Renée Wynter

Before she joined Love Island Australia, Jessie was a waitress from Hobart.

She describes herself as “outgoing and ditzy”, adding: “I do speak too fast sometimes for my brain to comprehend what I’m saying. But all in all, I mean well.”

Her Instagram account is @jessiereneewynter.

Vanessa Sierra Joli

Businesswoman Vanessa is from Sydney and said she wanted to find a man ‘who is driven and matches my lifestyle.’

Vanessa’s Instagram handle is @vanessa5ierra.

Cassie Lansdell

Executive Assistant Cassie is from Sydney, but she was born in London.

“I want someone who is confident and who is really sure of themselves, and sure of what their values and morals are,” she said at the time.

Find Cassie on Instagram here @cassielansdell.

Gerard Majda

Gerard joined the show as a Personal Trainer from Perth, and described himself as ‘an emotional guy looking to connect with people on a meaningful level.’

You can find him @bodymajic.

Adam Farrugia

Adam was a plasterer from the Gold Coast and had never had a proper girlfriend when he joined the line up.

His Instagram is @adzyfarrugia.

Matthew Zukowski

Wrestler and model Matt lives in Melbourne and said he wants someone who is ‘honest, trustworthy, someone I can share my thoughts with.’

Find him on Instagram @mattzukowski.

Sam Withers

Sam Withers describes himself as an international DJ from Melbourne and said at the time: “I’m very picky, I struggle to find someone who’s the full girlfriend material.”

His Instagram is @djsamwithers.

Maurice Salib

Media Executive Maurice is from Sydney and said he ‘wants to find that interconnectedness with someone, that real heart connection is really important for me.’

Find him on Instagram @mauricesalib.

Eoghan Murphy

Real Estate Agent Eoghan is from the Gold Coast and describes himself as “a respectful man with a huge heart.”

Check out his Instagram @eoghannmurphy.