What happened to Sophie Piper on Love Island? Fans confused as Rochelle's sister 'missing' from Las Vegas challenge

23 January 2020, 21:44 | Updated: 24 January 2020, 07:27

Love Island fans were baffled over the latest task
Love Island fans were baffled over the latest task. Picture: ITV

Rochelle Humes' sister didn't take part in the Love Island challenge.

Love Island fans were left scratching their heads when Sophie Piper was seemingly missing from the latest challenge.

The task saw the Islanders head to ‘Lads Vegas’ where the boys danced their way over to the roulette wheel to perform for the girls.

Then it was onto the show of strength machine before they selected their chosen bride-to-be for a ‘Lads Vegas’ wedding at the chapel.

Sophie Piper was seemingly missing from the challenge
Sophie Piper was seemingly missing from the challenge. Picture: ITV

But as Connor Durman took his turn, his partner Sophie Piper was nowhere to be seen. Instead, Siannise Fudge stepped in for her, saying she wanted to 'do her friend proud'.

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And viewers were totally baffled as to where Rochelle Humes' sister had got to, as one wrote on Twitter: "Have i missed something? Where's Sophie? #LoveIsland."

"What happened to Sophie? #loveisland," said another, while a third added: "Only just noticed Sophie isn’t there."

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What happened to Sophie and has she left the villa?

Ahead of the 'Lads Vegas' challenge, the show's narrator Iain Stirling announced that Sophie wouldn't be taking part because she was "sick". She didn't leave the villa.

Luckily, she was back just in time for new boys Luke Mabbott and Luke Trotman to make their dramatic arrival.

The pair definitely left a lasting impression on the contestants, as the pair of Luke's whisked Siannise and Jess Gale off on romantic dates.

But as they enjoyed some time away from the group, inside the villa all hell broke loose when Finn Tapp annoyed partner Paige Turley by saying their relationship was only 'alright'.