Why was Curtis Pritchard shocked on last night's Love Island? Ex girlfriend and all rumours debunked

20 June 2019, 11:30

Curtis' reaction at the end of last night's episode puzzled many viewers
Curtis' reaction at the end of last night's episode puzzled many viewers. Picture: ITV
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Everyone was puzzled as to why the professional dancer seemed so taken aback on last night's episode

Rumours have been flying left right and centre about what Curtis' reaction at the end of last night's episode was all about.

The Love Island's resident good guy and everyone's favourite confidant, Curtis Pritchard has been pretty settled in his couple with Amy Hart since the first day of being in the villa - so maybe it's about time the producers shake it up?

What happened at the end of the episode?

Right after teasing new girl Arabella's arrival, viewers were shows a clip of Curtis looking very shocked.

The ballroom dancer firstly pulled off his hat, then his glasses, before quipping "holy hell" - so dramatic, and we love it.

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What are the rumours?

Absolutely everyone has been talking about the possibility of Arabella being an ex of Curtis, as the reaction was so OTT.

23-year-old Curtis has a famous ex, fellow pro-dancer Emily Barker and they dated for two years before splitting late last year.

Emily, another Dancing With The Stars pro is blonde, just like Arabella, but she definitely wasn't entering the villa last night.

Although, it would be SO entertaining to see Emily enter the villa and stir things up between Amy and Curtis, who are 'half boyfriend and girlfriend'.

Fans have flocked to try and make sense of the dramatic clip, with some blaming it on tactical editing and others claiming it's just down to him being a bit of a drama queen.

Oh well, we can dream.

Love Island are bound to cause some drama and they'll hopefully send a few exes in, they've done it for the past seasons so what's stopping them from sending in a couple more?