Love Island’s Eyal splits opinion after 'forced' kiss with Megan

13 June 2018, 12:31 | Updated: 27 June 2018, 16:57

Eyal Love Island

By Sam Lucas

Eyal, 22, has divided opinion amongst fans after locking lips with Megan in front of unlucky-in-love Dr. Alex.

Eyal ended up in the center of a huge Twitter storm last night after his ‘desperate’ attempt to win over new girl Megan. 

Megan, who is currently in a complex love triangle with Alex and Eyal, was forced to decide who to pick in the next ‘re-coupling’ which we will see on screens tonight. 

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Not wanting to lose to his so-called mate Alex, Eyal took drastic measures. 

After a swaying chat with Megan where he was knocked back for a kiss, he later walked over and kissed her anyway - right in front of Alex. 

Meanwhile, Twitter went into meltdown, with many branding the contestant ‘desperate’ after making his move. 

One fan wrote: “Eyal is so beggy it’s making me cringe, how anyone could pick that over alex who’s actually giving her a choice I don’t know”

Another added: “Can Eyal just back off for 2 seconds please it’s Alex’s time to shine”

Others praised Alex for confronting Eyal about the situation afterwards, admitting he found the whole thing “distasteful.”

One viewer tweeted: “Good for Alex standing up for himself, Eyal is so desperate.” 


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