Relationship expert thinks Maura and Curtis could have explosive chemistry as she claims ‘he didn’t fancy Amy’

5 July 2019, 14:39

Maura shocked Love Island viewers by confessing her feelings for Curtis
Maura shocked Love Island viewers by confessing her feelings for Curtis. Picture: ITV
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

In one of Love Island 2019’s biggest twists, Maura has revealed she fancies Curtis – but would they ever work?

Love Island viewers were left speechless after the hit ITV reality show teased Maura confessing feelings towards Curtis in tonight’s episode.

Following his breakup with Amy, it appears Maura has her sights set on the professional dancer, to the shock of many viewers.

We spoke to relationship expert Lucy Beresford who revealed that while she doesn’t think “Maura is the woman for Curtis”, she believes the couple could have chemistry.

Lucy explained: “One reason Curtis and Maura could work is that Maura is very comfortably sexually in her own skin.

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Maura confided in Lucie, calling Curtis the "whole package"
Maura confided in Lucie, calling Curtis the "whole package". Picture: ITV

“She is sexually confident and sensually comfortable, this might prove interesting in a relationship with Curtis.”

Continuing to touch on his relationship with Amy – which came to an end last night – Lucy added: “The main problem with Curtis and Amy was that the body language showed that he didn’t fancy Amy, she was sexually under confident.”

With that said, Lucy also believes that if Maura and Curtis make a romantic connection, their relationship could be stunted as she sees “no signs of intellectual compatibility from Maura.”

She explains: “Curtis comes across as quite smart, conversation will dry up quickly.”

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Amy was left heartbroken by the split
Amy was left heartbroken by the split. Picture: ITV

Former Love Island star Kem Cetinay, who hosts the Love Island: The Morning After podcast, has also had his say on the unusual pairing.

“It’s interesting because we do the podcast and someone tweeted me saying we all forget that on the first episode Curtis said he slid into Maura’s DMs”, he said.

“It’s interesting I just can’t really imagine them together they’re a very mismatched couple.”

But what do you think? Do you think Maura and Curtis would make a good couple?

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