20 Love Lessons We Learnt From Our Favourite TV Shows

Love Lessons from TV canvas

Forget life experience, it's our favourite TV shows that have taught us everything we need to know about relationships. From 'Sex and the City' to 'New Girl' and more, these are the love lessons we live by...

It’s actually easier to avoid arguing than you think.

Pet names are cute, even if only you get them.

Dating your hot flatmate might seem like a great idea…

But the other people you live with might not agree.

Having to choose between two hot brothers actually sucks.

It’s important to appreciate each other.

Opposites definitely attract.

Try not too be too needy.

Sleeping with co-workers can make things awkward.

On the other hand…

Nothing good can come from lying to your other half.

Make sure you’re ready for a relationship before diving into one.

And when you know what you want, be honest about it.

Stealing chips of your beau’s plate is probably not a great idea.

Sometimes love is just not meant to be.

And arranged marriages never go well.


For the love of god, draw the curtains when you’re getting it on.

And think carefully before entering into a threesome.

Finally, no matter what, you were NEVER on a break!