'Perfect' Married At First Sight Couple Admit They Have Off-Screen 'Problems'

Married at first sight melissa and clark

Oh Melissa and Clark's relationship is making us believe in love again. Although off cameras things are all they seem in paradise...

When newlyweds Melissa and Clark first met each other at the alter on their wedding day for Channel 4's Married At First Sight, we thought 'what on earth are they doing?'

However, the couple's looks of longing exchanged on their honeymoon had viewers believing that maybe love truly does exist and perhaps they really were meant to be together. 

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Happiest day of your life? Picture | Channel 4

Fans have been rooting for the couple to last the six-week televised experiment, which sees people marry having never met before.  

They jetted off to Ibiza for their honeymoon and viewers saw student nurse Melissa, 27, and business development executive Clark, 26, gel as the started married life together just a few days after they met.

Viewers dubbed them 'perfect' and claimed that they were obviously meant to be together.

However, since their story aired on TV, the lovebirds have admitted that things aren't all they seem in paradise. 

Although the pair have reassured viewers that their relationship is on track, they also pointed out that it's not all going totally smoothly.

They released a statement following last night's episode saying: "All marriages have problems. We are fine and are adapting to married life."

Melissa gushed over her new husband whilst they were on honeymoon saying: "I really like Clark, I really, really like Clark it's weird… I'm going to cry. I've never felt like this before about somebody else, it's so weird. I didn't believe in connecting with somebody in that way until I met Clark."

Even before the pair got hitched, Clark told cameras: "I don't think I've ever been more ready in my life. To be committed to someone is the one thing I've been missing, massively. I don't think I've ever been more certain of anything in my entire life. I am ready to say 'I do.'"

The pair married at Islington Town Hall, London, despite his friends' doubts. Even so, Clark was adamant that he was making the right decision.

He explained how he came from a divorced home and didn't want the same thing for himself. He said: "It's not marrying a stranger - it's marrying someone you've never met before.

"Getting to know someone you can marry, move in or go on holiday. Basically I'm just quashing them all together. I want it to be happy, purely with one person otherwise I wouldn't be doing this."