Married at First Sight UK's Amy Christophers drops major clue she's still with Joshua Christie

22 September 2021, 12:16

Amy and Josh have had a tough time on Married at First Sight UK
Amy and Josh have had a tough time on Married at First Sight UK. Picture: Instagram/Channel 4

Amy and Josh have dropped some clues that they stayed together after Married at First Sight UK.

Married at First Sight has completely gripped up this year, with so much drama on and off screen.

But while we’re desperate to know which couples are still together now, the contestants have been keeping very quiet.

Well, now Amy Christophers may have just hinted she is still with her partner Joshua Christie.

Amy and Josh had a huge row on MAFS this week
Amy and Josh had a huge row on MAFS this week. Picture: Instagram

The pair haven’t exactly had an easy time on the show, and recently got into a huge row at an explosive dinner party.

Despite the hiccup, Amy recently shared a snap of the pair looking very cosy while cuddling up to one another during filming.

When one fan then commented: “Great couple, hoping you two make it! 💕”, Amy quickly responded with the emojis: “❤️🙌”

Does this mean the couple managed to sort through their differences? Well, Josh has also been very positive about his wife on social media.

After posting a selfie of the pair on their honeymoon, one follower said: “Hope you two are good ❤️,” and Josh shared an equally mysterious hands up emoji in response.

Back on the show, the pair came to blows when Josh claimed he couldn't remember messaging Morag Crichton on Instagram.

As Amy tried to defend her husband, he snapped at her: "Shut your mouth and let me f***ing speak.”

Expert Mel Schilling was horrified, adding: "No, no he didn't. He's now like a cornered animal, flooded with hormones."

Amy replied: "I'm on your f***ing side", with Josh quickly apologising.

Meanwhile, Adam Aveling and Tayah Victoria have also been hinting they are still an item over on Instagram.

25-year-old Estate Agent Tayah shared a photo from the second dinner party, with the pair looking very loved up.

Her fellow MAFS UK contestants were quick to comment, with Morag writing: “You guys are to bloody gorgeous 😍”

When one fan commented on another photo of Tayah: “He’s a good bloke x,” the star responded: “He really is🙌🏽”.