Married at First Sight UK’s Nikita appeared on two other dating shows

2 September 2021, 08:29

Nikita appeared on an MTV reality show
Nikita appeared on an MTV reality show. Picture: Channel 4/MTV/YouTube

This isn't the first time Married at First Sight UK's Nikita has appeared on the TV.

Nikita has already been causing drama over on Married at First Sight UK after throwing a drink in her husband Ant Poole’s face. 

But it looks like this isn’t the first time she has appeared on a dating show, having previously been a contestant on TWO reality TV programmes. 

Firstly, she appeared on the show Your Face Or Mine on Comedy Central with her former boyfriend, Billy, in 2018.

Nikita appeared on True Love or True Lies
Nikita appeared on True Love or True Lies. Picture: MTV

Nikita also returned in 2019 where she appeared as ‘the ex’ while Billy was seeing someone else.

In 2018, Nikita also appeared on MTV’s True Love Or True Lies with the same ex boyfriend. 

And she isn’t the only one who has been on TV before as Morag Crichton was previously a contestant on Take Me Out

Recognising the veterinary nurse, one person Tweeted: "Knew I seen her somewhere else before! #MAFSUK #MarriedAtFirstSightuk".

“Does anyone else recognise Morag from Take Me Out circa 2018? #MAFSUK,” said someone else.

A third person added: “Morag signing up for all the dating shows. She was on ‘Take Me Out’ too  #MAFSUK.”

Meanwhile, back on the show Nikita chucked a coffee cup at husband Ant and demanded her own room during the third episode of MAFS. 

The Geordie-native, stormed off the beach after Ant said he was not happy with her constantly asking him if he thought she had nice boobs and a bum.

Back at their apartment the pair got into an almighty row and she ended up throwing a takeaway coffee cup at her husband.

Ant then shouted: "If you want to get it out, get it out."

Before Nikita screamed back: "Put me in a different room to him, I am not sitting with him."

Luckily, the pair managed to sort out their issues with Nikita admitting she inherited her fiery temper from her dad.

Ant also talked about his childhood and how that might have affected him.