Masterchef fans left in hysterics as John Torode cries over apple crumble

13 April 2018, 12:33

John Torode - Masterchef

By Sam Lucas

Viewers lost it as John Torode began to well up over an apple crumble!

The 52-year-old Masterchef host sent fans into meltdown as he struggled to control his emotions after eating a posh apple crumble.  

After tasting the dessert which was a cross between a French tiered mille feuille and a crumble created by semi finalist, David, John defined the dish as a, “restaurant-quality offering”.

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Choked up, he went on to say: ”Honestly, makes me well up, that is sensational. That’s what this competition is about.”

He added: “You take it to dizzy heights that stirs emotion.”

Meanwhile, fans were stunned by his dramatic reaction with one tweeting: “I hope one day I get to cry about an apple crumble millefeuille like @JohnTorode1.”

Another added: “Apple mille feuille has tipped John Torode over the edge”

Others could totally relate with John’s teary food moment, with one fan writing: “John Torode crying over a pudding. A man after my own heart”. 

Another wrote: “John Torode getting emotional over apple pie is honestly me on so many levels.”

Let’s be honest, John’s probably not the first person to get emotional over good food. And to be fair, that apple crumble looked pretty good! 


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