Mick Carter’s Mystery Shooter In Eastenders Is REVEALED In This Unexpected Twist

2 January 2018, 12:07

Mick Carter, Mystery Shooter, eastenders

By Sam Lucas

Last night's episode left fans scratching their heads over who Mick's shooter really is.

Yesterday’s Eastenders saw the much anticipated heist planned by Aiden, take place on Albert Square. However the episode’s shock ending, which involved The Vic’s much loved Mick Carter, getting shot down, left fans confused. 

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As Phil, Mick, Keanu and Vincent attempted to rob the van of goods, and waved their fake guns at the people inside, the two men at the back of the van were ordered by the driver to put their guns down. 

Refusing to listen, one of them pointed their gun towards Mick, and before the gunshot was fired, Mick can be heard saying “It’s you” - as he recognised the shooter. Meanwhile, baffled fans jumped on Twitter to ask just who “you” was. 

One fan asked: “Is anyone else really confused by what’s going on?” and another tweeted: “Have I missed something?” Others urged Eastenders to “give us a clue” as they questioned: “Who the hell is the mystery man?”.


It turns out the mystery shooter is someone called ‘Halfway’ who Mick happened to receive a text from earlier in the show. The message read: "NHNY am down your way today - might drop by." 

Mick Carter's text, halfway

The final credits list at the end of the soap confirmed that the character was indeed, Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway. But it still isn’t clear exactly who he is and more importantly how he knows Mick. Fingers crossed, all will be revealed tonight…


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