Is Morgan Freeman Secretly British?! Star Makes A Beeline For The Biccies At The Oscars

Moran Freeman taking biscuit Oscars 2016

We've got a conspiracy theory and we want you to test it for us...

We've seen a lot of funny Oscar's moments over the years - but nothing is quite as great as Morgan Freeman biscuit thievery. 

Whilst all the other celebs are busy high living and mutually gushing over each other's work, the 78-year-old actor has other things to worry about... how he's going to get his sugar fix!

After spying the cookies, the screen legend wastes no time in making a direct beeline for the packet of sugary treats.

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It's soon becomes quite clear that once he's got his prize in hand, Morgan ain't sticking around for nobody! 

Watch the amazing moment captured by Twitter user @SunnyMoon here:

We guess we'll be calling him The Cookie Monster from now on then!