The Original Aladdin And Jasmine Sing 'A Whole New World' 23 Years Later

Aladdin canvas whole new world

This beautiful rendition of the romantic classic by the original voices of Aladdin and Jasmine is a real tear jerker.

It's been 23 years since Disney's Aladdin hit our cinema screens and Robin Williams voiced the ever so philosophical genie in the lamp. 

And as we gear up to the release of a special edition of the film - 'Aladdin: Diamond Edition' complete with never before seen footage of Robin Williams - fans have had a whole lamp full of wishes granted. 

Recently, the directors have released confirmed a fan theory that has been whispered amongst internet fans for over two decades. 

Remember the peddler in the opening scene of the film?

Well directors John Musker and Ron Clements, confirmed the fan theory that it was actually the genie in disguise. They told E! News: ‘I saw something that speculates that the peddler at the beginning of Aladdin is the Genie. That’s true!’

And to top off the Aladdin excitement, Bad Kane and Lea Salonga who played the singing voices for Aladdin and Jasmine in 1992 film, reunited on Good Morning America to sing their greatest hit: 'Whole New World'. 

Take a couple of minutes to watch this video and relive your childhood.