Apollo 18

Release date: 2 September 2011
Running time:
86 mins
Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego

In this ingenious mock documentary, the 'real' reason for the secrecy surrounding the Apollo 18 mission is finally revealed. According to the film's makers, acclaimed 'Wanted' director Timur Bekmambetov was commissioned by the Russian government to make a documentary about a space station. That's when he unearthed this explosive video footage.

NASA still claims that it never took place, but the evidence discovered by Bekmambetov, taken straight from the supposedly cancelled 1970s Moon mission, shows just why they are so keen to keep everything under wraps - and why the human race has never returned to the Moon.

The 'found footage' style of filmmaking has never been more popular, with recent hits 'Paranormal Activity', 'Paranormal Activity 2' and 'The Last Exorcism' using the method to generate scares and add realism. 'Apollo 18' takes the concept even further - all the way to the Moon.

Screenplay: Brian Miller    Distributor: Entertainment

You should see it because: It mixes science fiction and horror with a chillingly realistic documentary style.

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